Hiking up 6 1/2 miles to the boulder field, we camped the first night, staring at the Diamond which led to the summit. 80-100 mph winds that night in a tent ='s no sleep. The next morning hiking/climbing the last mile and half to the summit, while numerous people turning around, due to the conditions of the snow. The last mile and half stretch took just as long as the 6 1/2 miles the first day. When we got to the top I was under the impression I was going to get my picture taken. Little did I know the camera was recording Jeff's proposal, on the tallest mountain in the Rocky Mountain National Park, 'Longs Peak.' I told the girl recording, he likes to be spontaneous in pictures. Carrying the ring 8 miles down the mountain was scarier than the steep down climb I had in front of me! Little did I know, I actually carried the ring UP!

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