1. Love first of all, you must love your partner (husband or wife), if there isn't love, then there can't be a relationship.

2. Understanding next you have to understand that the person standing next to you grew up in a differed family, environment, and maybe different culture. You have to understand that she/he might do things differently than you. You have to understand that your vision may not be his/her vision. You have to understand that your partner may like things that you don't and that's OK.

3. Patience marriage requires a lot of PATIENCE, because marriage is two people getting together to become one - not the easiest thing in the world (not counting dating). Many times your spouse wants something different than you, or he/she wants to do things the way she/he did it before marriage and many others. If you love your spouse, you will have to have patience, because it will bring many good days in your life.

4. Giving marriage is all about the other, not about you. When two come together to make one, they agree to this statement, I am marring you to make you happy. You live your life and work hard to make your partner happy whatever it takes.

Give your spouse everything - your love, life, respect, attention, affection, etc and REMEMBER - ITS ALL ABOUT YOUR SPOUSE NOT YOU.

5. Forgiveness how many times we forget to forgive? She/He wasn't right, I was right. We are not perfect and we will make mistakes and not once. Learn to forgive, and you will be forgiven.

Follow these simple steps and I promise you will have a happier life together with your spouse.


[sharing as received]