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    The Smack

    There was a young man sent to distant land to study and stayed there a few of time,then went back to home to ask his family to bring a theologian that may answers his questions,finally they found a muslim theologian and they had the following dialogue:
    • The young man: Who are you? Can you answer my three questions?
    • Theologian: I am a slave of the slaves of Allaah.And I will answer your questions, God willing ..
    • The young man: Are you sure? Many doctors and scientists were not able to answer my questions!
    • Theologian: I will do my best .. With the help of God ..
    • The young man: First question: Does God really exist? And if so, show me his form?
    • Second question: What is the fate and destiny?
    • The third question: If Satan was created from fire .. why would be thrown in it? that will not affect him!
    • Theologian: smacked the boy on the face!!
    • The young man with pain: Why did you slap me? What made you angry with me?
    • Theologian replied: I am not angry, but the slap is the answer to your three questions !!!!!
    • The young man: But I did not understand anything!!
    • Theologian: How do you feel after I slapped you?
    • The young man: Of course I feel the pain!!
    • Theologian: Do you think that this pain really exists?
    • The young man: Yes!
    • Theologian: Show me the form?
    • The young man: (confused).I can not!
    • Theologian: This is my first answer .. We all feel the existence of God, but we can not see!
    • He added: Did you dream last night that I will slap you?
    • The young man: No
    • Theologian: Did you think in your mind that I will slap u today?
    • The young man: No ..
    • Theologian: This is the fate and destiny ..!
    • He asked: my hand that slapped you from what created?
    • Young man: from clay!
    • Theologian: What about your face?
    • Young man: from clay too!
    • Theologian: What did you feel after I slapped you?
    • Young man: I feel pain!
    • Theologian: well .. Although the Satan created from fire .. But if, God willing, the fire will be painful place for the Satan!!!!


    Now… Just rate this story.
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