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Thread: Positive Actions

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    Positive Actions

    The positive actions you take do not stop with you.
    Many of them go on and on, far beyond you,
    to people and places you will never know about.

    The value you create does not end with you.
    It sets the stage for more positive value,
    and then for even more value on top of that.

    Somewhere today, someone's life has just been made better
    because of a positive action you have taken in the past.
    In some way today, the world is becoming a better place
    because of something you did, weeks, months or even years ago.

    You can never know or control how far and wide your actions will extend.
    You can, however, control the nature of those actions.
    The more love, kindness and thoughtfulness you put into your actions,
    the more positively those actions will multiply and radiate out into the world.
    Put the best of yourself into all you do, and
    your own unique value will be spread far and wide.

    The influence you have on life is immensely greater than
    it may appear on the surface.
    Live each moment with goodness, truth and integrity,
    and in more ways than you can possibly know,
    you'll be making the world a better place.

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    nice one sis

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    Be positive Be positive and look for positive influences. Positive thinking goes a long way in helping you achieve your dreams. Research and surrounded by people who are positive thinkers and doers. Separate yourself from people who are negative thinkers and unfair. Negative people that kill your spirit and will.

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