The U.S and Canada, Both of countries' forty five journalists specialized in cars announced the best car in the opening day of Detroit Auto Show. they evaluated the new cars launched in Northamerica automobile market with several categories;innovation,design,handling,comfort etc. U.S NBC broadcasting sheds new light on the success of Korea's Hyundai car in it's market.saying, "Hyundai car is not a cheap car anymore, it's brand cars-sonata,elantra,genesis sold fifty three thousand units inspite of economy recession,they are loved by U.S customers now." NBC express thier satisfying opinions to Hyundai cars. Hyundai car's infulence ratio is now placed top with their hard efforts to reach the high quality and innovation.
I use some products made in korea like cell phone & tv & washing machine, they all have quite good performance. I'm not sure that other goods made in korea are fine too. Do you all have any opinions on the products made in korea? let't talk to about it freely.