Farid Farjad
Farid, is violin virtuoso . ""Violin cry man known as" and is considered one of the world's finest violin virtuosos.

Playing the violin since the age of 8 in Iran is a musician Farjad, 1938 in Tehran, was born in. 1966 , in Tehran Conservatory of Music master's degree in classical music made, the next step of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra 'played an important role in the. the Persian folk music with the accumulation of Farjad, violin and classical Western music has also worked on. This work has an important place in the development of Persian music.

He was born in 1979 in the Islamic Revolution of Iran left the country before the California settled down at. As of this year a U.S. citizen and lives in the United States has continued in the past. But he is not an American of Iranian , and Persian referred to it as. After the revolution in Iran in the music "forbidden" to be announced, and was banned and prohibited from entering the country after the Farjad'ın and many Persian musicians. Artists for many years in Los Angeles 'in lives.


In his albums Farjad hüzünü notes laid in nature in his own words. The album is one of the reasons for the formation of direction away from the country after the revolution and the country has to have to live far away.

farid's Goleh Pamchal