If you've updated your Windows XP or 2000 to Internet Explorer 7, you might be experiencing some errors on page. Here are some fixes and setting changes that may work.


1. Run the most recent version of javascript.
2. Adjust settings in the browser.
3. Click on tools in IE7.
4. Open Internet Options and click on security tab, then custom level.
5. Shut off the internet security controls while doing the security settings.
* .NET Framework: enable all settings
* ActiveX controls and plug-ins:
* Previously used ActiveX controls: disable
* Allow scriptlets, automatic prompting, Binary and script behaviors, Display video and animation on webpage: enable
* Download signed ActiveX controls, download unsigned activeX controls, initialize and script activeX controls: Prompt
* Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins (again), script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting: Enable
* Downloads: Automatic prompting for file downloads: Disable
* Downloads: File download, font download: Enable
* Enable .NET framework setup: Enable
* Microsoft VM: Medium safety
* Misc: access data sources across domains: Disable
* Allow META refresh: Enable
* Allow scripting of internet explorer web-browser control, allow script initiated windows without size or position: Disable
* Allow webpages to use restricted protocols: Prompt
* Allow websites to open windows without address or status bars: Disable
* Display mixed content: Prompt
* Don't prompt for client certificate selection: Disable
* Drag and drop or copy and paste files, include local directory path: Enable
* Install desktop items, launching applications and unsafe files, launching programs and files in iframe: Prompt
* Navigate subframes across different domains: Disable
* Open files based on content: enable
* Software channel permissions: Medium
* Submit nonencrypted data: Enable
* Use phishing filter, use pop-up blocker: Disable
* Userdata persistence, websites in less privileged content zone, Scripting: active scripting: Enable
* Allow programtic clipboard access: Prompt
* Allow status bar updates via script, allow websites to prompt for information: Disable
* Scripting of java applets: Enable
* Logon: Auto logon for intranet zone
6. After settings are adjusted, click OK. You will get IE WARNING message: Click Yes
7. Click on Advanced folder and go to bottom.
8. Click on Empty Internet Files.
* Disable Phishing filter: Click Apply
* For Tab settings: Click on General
9. Click on Settings under tabs (how webpages...).
10. Check off circles: Always open pop-ups in new tab and a new tab in the current window.
11. Click OK.
12. Close IE7 browser.
13. Right click on IE7 icon on desktop and click Start without add-ons. You will get warning: ignore
14. Close IE7 and repeat last step.