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A few months ago , Pakistan was affected by floods. At that time , freelance journalist
and social activist Prof. ilyas Ansari planned to create an organization to help the people
who were affected by this natural disaster.

The organization was named Pakistan Rehabiliation Forum. (PRF)
PRF vision was long term. We planned to provide homes to flood affected people.

Later on University of Management and technology network also joined PRF to provide

Friends , i am part of Pakistan Rehabilitation Forum and I myself personally and all
the other members of PRF are funding this organization & motivating other people to donate here.

today i want to show some of work we have done for flood effected people.

As you can see in the videos given , that small homes are
constructed for these homeless people.

Still now , flood effected people are homeless and living in tents.
I think we need to take their responsibility and we need to play our role.

Approximately such homes can be build for an amount of 50,000 per unit.
you can arrange this amount by raising funds your self from your office
your relatives and friends. otherwise you can pay your part as much as
you can .

I am personally monitoring activities of PRF , and i take full responsibility
for the right use of donations. You can also contact me to know more about PRF.

For Donations:
Account # 01031768
Branch Code: 0028
Bank Alfalah Limited, Gulberg Branch, Lahore

For more details Contact :-
Rana Adnan Anwar
(General Secretary)

Prof M. Ilyas Ansari
University of Management and Technology, Lahore


Thanks for reading my message

Naveed Farooq