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Thread: The Truth About Why Guys Lie

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    The Truth About Why Guys Lie

    Hello everyone.. k first of all, this is a topic i just read in a magazine.. dont kno how much of it is the truth or a lie.. read it for fun, plz dont get all offensive about it..

    Guys lie about themselves
    Men fib about themselves eight times more often than they do about other people (such as to help a friend save face).

    His main lie motivator? Bragging.
    Guys most frequently distort the truth to appear more powerful or successful than they are.

    The second most common reason dudes lie is to avoid conflict.
    It's why they say stuff like “I’ll call” or “I paid the bill yesterday” when they really won’t…or didn’t.


    Guys feel less guilt-ridden and anxious after lying.
    Since men aren’t hardwired to be as in touch with their feelings, the consequences don’t register as strongly in their brain. On the flip side, that also means men feel less betrayed when someone lies to them.


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    Re: The Truth About Why Guys Lie

    His main lie motivator? Bragging

    I think that is hobby of women

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    no i think most guys do that.. cuz its in their nature to be the powerful one... so even if they are not, they will say anything to make it seem like it.

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