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Thread: Japan's Mystery Key Holder

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    Japan's Mystery Key Holder

    Japan's Mystery Key Holder

    Japan's Must Have Item is Available in America! The ingenious effect is simple and straight forward and SHOCKS everyone. Invented by Satoshi Toyoda in Eastern Japan, and manufactured with precision by Mikame Craft.



    Once you see Mystery Key Holder demonstrated, you'll want it immediately.
    There have been numerous tricks that a hole is transferred from one place to another place.
    Mikame has taken the idea to an impossible level ahead! Display a wood rod with a hole in one end.
    A key chain is hanging through this hole in the end rod. Without warning the hole moves to the center of the rod! The actual hole and chain move to the center of the rod. Now pull the chain up and down - It has actually moves! You decide to move the hole back to the end of the rod. It goes back to the end of the rod! Hand the rod out for examination.

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