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Thread: How To Fix Your Xbox 360

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    How To Fix Your Xbox 360

    Some people who didn't fall for cheap tricks think that all they need to do to fix Xbox 360 RROD is replace some parts of their console with new parts. They think that the Xbox 360 red rings of death is caused by bad parts which is not always the case because 95% of the consoles with this problem doesn't need new part but only needs simple fixing. And if you send your console back to Microsoft and let them fix it you would have to wait for 6-8 weeks for it to return.

    So what should you do to get rid of this Xbox 360 3 red lights? Simple, just follow the steps below and your gaming console will be as good as new. And all you have to do is find an Xbox 360 video and audio guide and you will be set to fix it.


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    what is this?

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