Toshiba Libretto W100 (W105-L251) | Dual-Screen Concept Laptop Video

When a single screen is simply not enough, there's the libretto® W100 ultraportable concept PC. This special-edition PC goes beyond slates and tablets to deliver something more: a full Windows® 7 experience to be enjoyed across two touch screens. So now you can enjoy many different things—games, ebooks, movies, music, TV and so on—from a single handheld device. Small but multi-talented, it puts your mobile life in the palm of your hands, offering easy multi-touch navigation and virtual keyboards that let you type, click and browse the way you want. Featuring a durable 1.5-pound clamshell design on the outside, and the horsepower of the Intel® Pentium® processor on the inside, it's not only easy to travel with, it's well-powered. That gives you the freedom to fully relish media most anywhere; enjoy seamless emailing and all the apps you can't live without; easily share, stream and synchronize content with your home network or cloud; plus chat live and use cordless accessories through wireless versatility. Embodying our quarter-century of innovation, the libretto® W100 concept PC proves that with Toshiba 25 years of boundless mobility innovation is now well within reach.