Using a graphical user interface

Log on to Windows using an account with administrator rights.

Navigate Start All Programs Accessories System Tools, and then click System Restore.

On the Welcome to System Restore page, click Restore My Computer to an Earlier Time, then click Next.

On the Select a Restore Point Page, click the most recent or a specific checkpoint in the On This List, click a Restore Point list, then click Next.

Click OK to accept the changes listed.

Click Next on the Confirm Restore Point Selection page.

After the system restarts, log on using an account with administrator rights.

Click OK to acknowledge the System Restore Restoration Complete page.

Using a command-line interface

Restart your computer, and then press F8 during the initial startup to start your computer in Safe Mode with a command prompt.

Log on using an account with administrator rights.

Enter the following command at the command prompt:

> %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe

Press the Enter key and follow the instructions to restore your computer to a previous state.