Hats off to the farsightedness of Islamic scholars, who had expressed their reservations for Sir Syed Ahmed Khanís movement for English education and had expressed apprehensions that western culture would be penetrated through English language.

Islamic scholars of that time had cleared their stand that they were not opposed to English rather any language but they wished that instead of teaching any language in its own culture it should be arranged to teach in Islamic culture for which such persons should be selected who possess Islamic insight.

The culture of English language is westernized and is well known for immodesty, indecency, and polytheism and is quite contrary to Islamic morals and culture. The consequences of our inclination rather impressiveness towards English, what we see today were foresighted by Islamic scholars decades back.

Once our children started studying in Christian missionary schools subsequently the morning madarsas of mosques have been brought to a halt. When Christian missionary schools sighted that Muslim children go to morning madarsas before they come to school they with a planned conspiracy rescheduled the timings and now classes are started from 8:20 in the morning so that children could have no time to go to morning madarsas before coming to school.

Parents too didnít notice regarding the closure of morning madarsas instead providing an alternate they employed an Arabic teacher who would teach their children Quranic recitation at home. When Christian missionary learnt that some parents are still teaching recitation of Quran and supplications to their children then they made the students to study huge syllabus in the name of standard education and engaged them in extra curricular activities.

Children are occupied so much so that they donít get time for learning religious teachings. The syllabus taught in missionary schools till 5th standard is compiled by private publishers and is prepared by keeping a set target in view. They are unsuspectingly disseminating the message which is contrary to Islamic faith and perspectives.