Dear all,
If you think you are a good member in the society then share what you think is good in you!

Remember Prophet (P.B.U.H) said that if you tell someone about a good deed and he adopts that then you will also receive the reward equal to him for what he is doing without his reward becoming less.

So why not write something good you feel you do it or which you think is missing in our society!

Jazakumullah Khairen!
May Allah bless you all!

Let me start with...
Well I feel what is missing today is love with you sisters, brothers, relatives and sometimes friends too! And we turn out to have big fights on small reasons. How silly!
So we should try to ignore such matters rather than fighting to take revenge when there is an easy solution - just forgive!!


My sister taught me a great quote.
''Allah gives and forgives , man gets and forgets''