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Thread: About Friendship.

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    About Friendship.

    You have to show that you care about someone... when it comes to friends and contacts studies shows that we have capacity for 150 friends or if we are very good with friends we can have upto max 200... more than this isnt possible if we add one more we lose another without being aware of this.
    As example lets say if a friend didnt call you once a while or a friend didnt visit you.. wouldnt you do the same?
    Or if you had to many friends.. you couldnt talk to all of them.
    Our ego doesnt let us express our feelings..
    Take care of your friends. whatever comes from a friend is considered as something good.

    A short story about this.. in old days a man lost two or three of his wives, they died for no reason. He married again and told this to his wife. After a while his wife finds out that the reason for their death was that the man travelled alot and his wives died of loneliness. the wife then starts to talk to a pillow pretending its a person. that way she survived.

    Hope this was interesting...

    Sorry my english is not that good..

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    it's ok, hahahaha

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    Making so many friends are not as much important than to maintain those friends because you do to make so many friends but there is no friends to whom you say this is my best friend then to make so many friends are worthless.

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