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Thread: Auto Repair Coupons

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    Auto Repair Coupons

    Auto Repair coupons are a great way of both promoting your shop and gaining potentially loyal customers. Coupons reward the customer for coming back. And they guarantee them that they will be getting a great deal. In the long run, the shop receives free advertising by word-of-mouth and a bigger client base. It is especially valuable in the auto repair business as vehicle maintenance is mandatory and overall unavoidable. This is a promotional strategy that will require careful execution to protect both you and your customer from feeling like they got taken advantage of or tricked. It is important to clearly spell out the terms of any auto repair coupon offer.

    Great auto repair coupons need to be eye catching. The company name or logo, including the phone number, needs to be apparent, there is nothing more disconcerting than having a coupon and struggling to find out where one can use it. It stands to reason that the address should also be legibly printed. The simpler the better. Two to three colours is more than enough to get attention and if the route is black and white printing, then the biggest image on that coupon should be the discount. Saving of any kind seems a worthwhile investment for most.


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    good ideas,,

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