Bali Aims to be Free of Plastic Waste by 2013

Careless disposal of plastic waste creates environmental pollution because plastic degrades very slowly.

To tackle this problem the Balinese community held an event called "Free of Plastic Waste" last Friday.

Supported by the Coca-Cola Company, the community cleaned up the Nusadua beach area in Bali.

The general manager of Coca-Cola in the region addresses the issue.

[Sani Dwi Prasetya, General Manager, Coca-Cola, Balinusa]:
"Bali is ours, Bali belongs to the world and our children so let's keep this island free of garbage, not just for ourselves but for all those to come in the future."


Local communities at every beach in Bali also took part in the cleanup.

Organic and inorganic garbage is collected separately, with plastic waste being taken away for recycling.

It's an effort that's popular with the locals.

[Made Wirata, Member, Bali Off-Road Club]:
"Everyone should be concerned about the environment, put a stop to littering and choose between organic and inorganic waste for recycling."

Plastic bottles can take up to 1,000 years to naturally degrade.

NTD News, Bali, Indonesia.