When other people mention Obama, I am sure that the first person coming up with your mind is U.S. President Obama. Obama is the first U.S. President with black blood, whose childhood growing up in Asia.It is your honor if you have the chance to meet this excellent President because it is just a dream for most of people. So it is so amazing if you can play basketball with Obama!

Wanna play basketball with Obama? Come on! Barack Obama is playing basketball now. In fact, this is just a free flash game.I donít think Obama have time to play basketball now. LOL . In this game,I record flash when I m playing basketball as Obama,then convert the flash to flv and upload it to youtube.All these things are so easy, due to Moyea swf to video converter Pro.

Then how to play basketball with Obama?Here are the instructions:
Line up the ball in the center by pressing the space bar.
One for the horizontal direction,one for the vertical direction
Get both balls in the center to score
The clock is ticking so hurry up.


It is just a piece of cake! Enjoy playing basketball with Obama!

You can play this game on swfkits dot com