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Thread: mere qaatil, mere dildaar,

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    mere qaatil, mere dildaar,

    mere qaatil, mere dildaar, mere paas raho
    jis ghaRii raat chale
    aasmaanoN kaa lahuu pii kar siyaah raat chale
    marham-e-mushk liye nashtar-e-almaas chale
    bain kartii hu’ii, haNstii hu’ii, gaatii nikle
    dard ke kaasnii paazeb bajaatii nikle
    jis ghaRii siinoN meN Duubte hu’e dil
    aastiinoN meN nihaaN haathoN kii rah takne lagiiN


    aas liye
    aur bachchoN ke bilakhne kii tarah qul-qul-e-mai
    bahr-e-naasuudgii machle to manaaye na mane
    jab ko’ii baat banaaye na bane
    jab na ko’ii baat chale
    jis ghaRii raat chale
    jis ghaRii maatamii, sun-saan, siyaah raat chale
    paas raho
    mere qaatil, mere dildaar, mere paas raho !


    You who demolish me, you whom I love,
    be near me. Remain near me when evening,
    drunk on the blood of skies,
    becomes night, in the other
    a sword sheathed in the diamond of stars.

    Be near me when night laments or sings,
    or when it begins to dance,
    its stell-blue anklets ringing with grief.

    Be here when longings, long submerged
    in the heart’s waters, resurface
    and everyone begins to look:
    Where is the assasin? In whose sleeve
    is hidden the redeeming knife?

    And when wine, as it is poured, is the sobbing
    of children whom nothing will console–
    when nothing holds,
    when nothing is:
    at that dark hour when night mourns,
    be near me, my destroyer, my lover me,
    be near me.

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    very nice poetry....

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