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Thread: What a beautiful message to start and end the day with...

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    What a beautiful message to start and end the day with...

    Who can I turn to and where can I go,

    When my burdens get too heavy and my tears start to flow?

    He is my physician, my redeemer, and friend;

    On Him, I know I can always depend!

    His mercy and grace are sufficient enough,

    He gives me His strength when the going gets tough!

    His love is everlasting and in Him I can trust;

    The truths of His Word are forever righteous and just!

    He rescues me daily from the evil one's darts;


    When He appears satan has to quickly depart!

    For He is my keeper, my strength for each day;

    He guides me tenderly in His pathway!

    Though my flesh may be weak, in Him I am strong;

    For He is my Savior and to Him I now belong!

    God Loves You!

    source: Email forward

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    awesome message.

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    Thats a really sweet message =]

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