Hotel Jetwing Vil Uyana


Jetwing Vil Uyana
Jetwing’s newest and most ambitious project located within 5km of the ‘8th Wonder of the World’-Sigiriya- is the creation of a truly ‘Lifestyle Hotel’, Jetwing Vil Uyana. The challenge of introducing a wetland system on reclaimed agricultural lands within the Dry Zone, providing the unique backdrop for this exciting new property. Drawing from the local, rural traditions, the buildings grow not out, but into the landscape. The ‘habitats’ naturalized by local flora and fauna will create the timelessness of a healthy ecosystem providing the setting for peace and tranquility. With the first man-made lakes since King Parakramabahu’s era in the 11th century, this exciting feature allows for the first time in Sri Lanka dwellings to be built over water.

A section of land has been used to re-grow paddy using traditional harvesting methods, providing a new and exciting feature, dwellings within the paddy field, yet another first in Sri Lanka! The transformation of the land into patches of forested areas will create the feeling of ultimate privacy at this exclusive Sigiriya hotel, and will feature the Forest Dwellings, which is the largest of the rooms available. As a member of the Small Luxury Hotel’s of the World, Jetwing Vil Uyana is a haven for those who wish to escape from the norms of everyday life and for those nature lovers who wish to indulge in their hobbies whilst pampering themselves in luxurious comfort. With dwellings tastefully designed boasting space as its prime characteristic of luxury. Dine in the privacy of your dwelling or ‘under the stars’ or simply relax and pamper yourself at the Island Spa offering a range of treatments to choose from. Whether it is the nature lover in you or the task of ‘finding yourself again’ treat yourself to an experience… come be part of the lifestyle!