If v treat her nice she says “yaar mujhe line de raha hai�

If v dont she says “kitna akarta hai�

If v dress nicely she says “mujhe impress karna chahta hai�

If v dont she says “tasteless hai yaar�

If v argue with her she says “ziddi hai�

If v sit quietly she says “dumb hai�

If v act smarter she’ll lose her brain as u r insulting her

If she acts smarter she thinks its her right

If v dont love her she says “is ka to pehle se hi 2,3 ladkiyon ka saath chakkar hai�


If v love her she says “peechhe hi pad gayaa hai�

If v dont tell her ur prob she says � u r not honest 2 me�

If u do tell to her she says “u r a problem child�

If v scold her she says “you act like a grandpa giving lecture�

If she scolds us she says “Yaar, its becoz i care�

If v break a promise she says “She does not trust u any more�

If she breaks she says “jaan main majboor thi….

ladkiyan re ladkiyan . .
bechare boys itna sab sehnay k baad bhi chup chap rehte hen….

Best of Luck Guys With Ur Tension