North Korea sent notification to South that it will release the South Korean fishing boat, "Daeseung", which was seized in August 7th along with its seven crews while on fishing off the east coast. Most of all, it's quite fortunate that crews are eventually returning to South Korea safely. North Korea has been silent for the dozens of South Korea's request for repatriation and it suddenly informed us to send the crews back to South.

Although it raises lots of speculations regarding North's abrupt decision, the most plausible scenario seems like North Korea is desperately seeking for moving away from their hardness. Since North Korea puts a lot of weights on saving its face, it never complained even when its people are about to die from hunger. Moreover, it never asked favor and appealed for aid to South Korea. While North Korea is not brave enough to admit its involvement in sinking South Korean warship, "Cheonan", probably neither it wanted to die because of starvation. So, maybe that made it decide to release Deaseung to make South Korea provide some aid voluntarily in return. Although, this is no more than an assumption and no one heard yet what sort of judgement has been made by Korean government, perhaps, neither of those assumptions are totally wrong. North Korea should not adhere to their attitude of relying solely on their own capabilities as China advised during Kim Jeong il's visit in late August, but it has to vitalize it's backward industry through reform and open-door policy and resolutely implement measures that are designed to relieve the burdens and hardships of its impoverished people. North Korea is in urgent need of getting economic support from its South counterpart where people are ethnically same with its people in exchange of abandoning threat of war by itself.