v The very first commandment is, avoid the next quarrel. If one of you is in a mood to quarrel, the other one should be patient. His or her turn will come at the right time. But both should not lose their temper at the same time.

v The second commandment of marriage is, be a good listener. Listen to what the other person has to say. We like to talk but are not prepared to listen. Let us be good listeners. Of a couple it was said, in the days of courtship, he talked and she listened. On their honeymoon, she talked and he listened. Now that they are settled down in their own home, both talk and the neighbours listen.

v The third commandment of marriage is, appreciate your spouse. Everyone loves to be appreciated. Do not find fault with your spouse when you are in the midst of other people. A Great Philosopher said, "Reprove your friend in secret, praise him before others." When we appreciate others, we help to draw out the best in them.

v The fourth commandment is, keep your love fresh! After marriage, spouses take each other for granted. Women have complaints that, "There was a time when our husbands gave us many promises, made many vows, took great interest in what we did. All this has become a part of history. Now they take us for granted." Therefore, keep your love fresh.

v The fifth commandment is, do not expect perfection from each other. No man or woman is ever perfect. It was Jesus who said, "Call me not perfect. Alone the Father in heaven is perfect!" Marriage involves two imperfect human beings joining together. Accept your spouse for what he or she is, not for what he or she would be, could be or should be.

v The sixth commandment is, be a good forgiver. To make marriage a success, to make it a source of happiness and harmony, you have to forgive much. It is the prerogative of marriage to give and give and give - and forgive - and never be tired of giving and forgiving. "How many times shall I forgive?" asked a husband. "Shall I forgive seven times?" "No", came the answer, "you must forgive seventy times seven." 70 times 7 is 490 times which means you must forgive without counting. And a wife complained "I have been forgiving until I can forgive no longer, forgiven and received nothing in return." And she told, "continue to forgive without expecting anything in return."

v The seventh commandment of marriage is, you must be patient, loving, understanding, kind and true to each other.

v The eighth commandment is, develop a healthy sense of humour. If two people have to live with each other, they must develop a healthy sense of humour. They must learn to laugh and make each other laugh.

v The nineth commandment is, if ever there is a misunderstanding, do not hide your feelings. Do not hesitate in discussing whatever is in your hearts,: without fear.

v The tenth and the most important commandment is everyday, you must find time to sit together and praise the Lord and thank Him for having brought the two of you together.