Most nutritious Natural Beverage in the world

Discover why young coconut water is the most nutritious natural beverage in the world.


Health benefits of coconut water .

Long before Mai Tais came into fashion, the local's drink of choice was pure coconut water.

Found inside green coconuts, young coconut water has a slightly sweet almond flavor and is naturally low in calories and fat.

Throughout the world, organic coconut water is quickly becoming a popular sports drink, and is used as a natural cure for hangovers.

In fact, the coconut water health benefits are huge. It has more electrolytes than Gatorade — and more potassium than a banana, which is great for muscle cramps.

Coconut water benefits include kidney cleansing, stress reduction, heart health and mental acuity.

Here in Hawaii, you can find bottled or canned coconut water at local markets. But nothing beats drinking out of a fresh coconut on the beach. Aloha!