Shrek Fish Lookalike Discovered


A fish has been discovered that looks like the well known movie character, Shrek. In the films, Shrek is the main character who is known for not being the best looking ogre around. Now, a fish that looks just like the movie character has been found off the coast of Japan.

The creature was discovered this week and it is said that it has a large chin, a bumpy head and many other features that are similar to Shrek. Although the fish actually looks a little different than normal in terms of appearance, this fish is actually quite a common fish in the waters where it was found and it is actually found quite often.

Blobfish are known as some of the ugliest fish out there and this one, being particularly ugly, has been named Shrek and has a good chance of becoming the world’s ugliest fish. The particular fish that was found to look like Shrek is thought to be around 30 years old and many animal lovers have found the discovery extremely interesting.