Child labour thrives


Tens of millions of children around the world are forced to work in dangerous conditions for very little money.

Boys and girls as young as 5-years-old are deprived of education, and instead made to toil for long and gruelling hours.

While the world is transfixed on the World Cup - the International Labour Rights Forum has revealed a startling report on how the world cup balls are actually made.

Pakistan, India, China and Thailand, are the top four exporters.

And the balls are made by children working long hours in difficult conditions - never seeing the big money made from the sale of their handiwork.

In India, children as young as 6-years-old stitch footballs.

The US is a major importer, having snapped up $31m worth of footballs stitched by children in China, and more than $11m from Pakistan, and $4m from India.

To mark Child Labour Day, Al Jazeera's Imran Khan reports from Pakistan.