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Thread: ~~2001 Sri Lanka Air Force Anniversary~~ 1 Rupee Coin

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    ~~2001 Sri Lanka Air Force Anniversary~~ 1 Rupee Coin

    A commemorative one rupee cupro-nickel proof coin was issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka on 2001 March 9th to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Sri Lanka Air Force.

    Denomination- Rupees one
    Alloy- Cupro-Nickel
    Diameter -25.4 mm
    Thickness -2.0 mm
    Weight -7.13 gms
    Shape- Round
    Edge- Grained
    Die-Axis -0
    Issue -BU None !
    Proof -2,000
    Mint- Royal,Wales


    Obverse : The Armorial Ensign of Sri Lanka Air Force in the centre with the years `1951-2001' depicted on either side. The words `SRI LANKA AIR FORCE' in Sinhala, Tamil and English appear at the bottom, left and right sides along the periphery.
    Reverse : The value `ONE RUPEE' in Sinhala, Tamil and English to the right in 3 lines. An artist's impression of three planes used by the Sri Lanka Air Force. Below is the Chipmunk, used in its early days, and above are a KFIR and a MIG 27 used currently. `SRI LANKA' in Sinhala, Tamil, and English at the top, left, and right sides along the periphery. The year of issue `2001' is at the bottom.

    The Cupro-Nickel Proof has been minted to the old standard Rs. 1/- still in circulation. The artwork was done by Central Bank artist Mrs Padmanjalee Karunatilleke. Minted by the Royal Mint, Liantrisant, United Kingdom.

    The Proof coin enclosed in a clear plastic circular coin capsule is embedded in black velvet inside a 7.7 cm square light blue rexine coverred metal box. The words "SRI LANKA AIR FORCE 50TH ANIVERSARY 2ND MARCH 2001" in 3 lines are printed in Gold on top and the CBSL Emblem in black on the white satin of the inside cover. A machine numbered white card Certificate of Authenticity printed in blue and black contains the specifications and description in Sinhala, Tamil and English is tucked into white satin band across lower-left corner of inside cover. The issue price (March 2001) in Sri Lanka Rs 600/- (US $7).

    This limited commemorative coin was not issued for circulation at face value. The very large primium relative to face was the largest for any coin issue before then. It was only issued as a Cupro-Nickel Proof unlike the previous commemorative 1 rupee Army coin and Navy coin. which were also issued as Brillient Uncirculated Nickel clad Steel coins which are attracted by magnets.

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    good collection

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