It has to be have you ever wonder how Google office look like? Or, may be, how Google drive creativity mind of their workers?

Mmmm, here the answer for you, "spy" photos of Google office, the world most success online search provider.

Google logo beside the lift.

Googleplex..... lobby.

New Googleplex in London

Big G

Multicolor Google gadget pen

You allow to bring your dog to office, as long as it clean as you...^ ^

Full with toys in worker cubicle. Oh ya, you saw Simpson??

Observe the 2 Dell LCD..... wow, great!!

One of the entertainment.....

Instant noodle and food.....

"Hi-tech" bicycle?

Seem like their draft for Google Earth...

Does it look like cafeteria??

Another game...

Wow, sure you will like it...... ask from your boss too.

Free junk food

Eric Schmidt(Google CEO) name display tag

Larry page and Sergey Brin support zone

Larry Page cubicle

Sergey Brin massage chair

Full with toys!!!

Andrew McLaughlin, drafting Google next project?