On August 18, 2010, Julia Roberts promoted her new film named Eat Pray Love in Tokyo, Japan. This time, she did not wear black special occasion dresses that she had worn for many times this year. Instead, she wore a flowery cocktail dress with the colors of white, yellow, green and purple. She looked like a mature sister in her cocktail dress. Still the short dress showed her beautiful legs.
The flowery cocktail dress has a totally different style with the suit and short pants she had worn several days ago. On August 10, 2010, she attended the premiere of Eat Pray Love in New York. She wore a black suit and a pair of black short pants matching a pair of black high-heeled shoes. She seemed special in the all black outfit. The short pants made her look intellectual and unique. But her dressing aroused some people’s controversies that she seemed not formal and serious enough in her short pants. They thought that the short pants were not suitable for a star to wear when she walked on the red carpet. But this time, people might be satisfied with the flowery cocktail dress.
Eat Pray Love tells a story about a married woman. The woman begins a self discovery journey after she has finished a painful marriage. The journey lasts for one year and she visits many places including Italy, India, and Indonesia, etc.. Julia Roberts plays the leading lady and Richard Jenkins is the leading man. One of the producers is Brad Pitt.
We expect the film very much now.