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Thread: North Korean team slammed over World Cup failure

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    North Korean team slammed over World Cup failure
    The North Korean soccer team that lost all three games at the World Cup finals in South Africa came under official chastisement back home, according to a U.S. radio station.

    North Korean authorities held a meeting in Pyongyang to discuss who was to blame for the team's latest defeat, Radio Free Asia reported, citing a "well-informed Chinese businessman."


    "Japanese nationals Jeong Dae-se and Ahn Yong-hak, however, were not put under the 'ideological criticism,'" he was quoted as saying by RFA.
    When the North Korea lost to Portugal 7:0, some speculated that the North Korean team might get punished for the loss.
    The punishment is actually taking place now.
    You can always win or lose a soccer match.
    However, the North Korean regime is going to put the team on a trial for promoting "impure ideologies"
    When the team made it to the World Cup, The North Korean government used the accomplishment as an instrument of propaganda to praise its young general "Kim Jong-Un".
    The North Korean soccer team did extremely well at the World Cup, especially when considering its inadequate circumstances.
    But now that the tam has lost, the team has been made a scapegoat for the government's propaganda.
    It is hard to believe that such an absurd country still exists.
    The North Korea really is an abnormal nation!!

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    people who start blaming can progress. they should take responsibility and this is the first step towards success.

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