The family may look a quarter incomplete because the lady of the house Jaya Bachchan has stayed back to look after her critically ill mother-in-law.

But newly married Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan accompanied by their iconic father (in-law) were seen having the time of their life at the French Open Tennis on Tuesday in Paris.

Explained Mr Bachchan from Paris, "We're here because Aishwarya is the Longines ambassador. And they're the official time keeper of Roland Garros 2007. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we fly down to Yorkshire for IIFA."

Back home AB has another release coming up this Friday. "I've done the voice-over in Ganesh Acharya's directorial debut Swami. He asked me to do it some time ago, and I happily did. Ganesh has been my choreographer in several films. I did it as a friendly gesture."