By Ferrer
What sorrow war brings,
The angels do sing.
Why must these people die?
Why, I ask why?
What is war?
It's no simple chore.
We all live one life
And because of war, it's filled with strife.
This pain and suffering we all must share.
And so I ask with great despair!
When will this madness stop?
We fight and fight,
With all our might.
We try and try
Yet people still die.
We should be making peace
But we choose war it's like a disease.
What will become of all this madness?
Pain, suffering, and great sadness.
No one wins or loses because people die
Families mourn, while loved ones cry.
All these bombs being created
Such a problem must be debated.
Grenades, missiles, and warheads
Aren't there enough people dead?
Terrorists attacking planes,
All this violence should be tamed.
Security must be enforced,
For evolution to take it's course