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Thread: Crush Chemistry....Wht some1 special thinks of u

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    Crush Chemistry....Wht some1 special thinks of u

    THE CRUSH CHEMISTRY...plss tell me if it works for u..


    message: This is an AWESOME OPPOURTUNITY to find out what does your SOMEONE SPECIAL thinks about you...................

    First of all you have to follow some steps accordingly to find out about your crush.

    Choose one option from every question about your crush.

    Simultaneously add the numbers next to your every option.

    Then match the total with the RESUTS REACTION given below.

    Wish you a good luck.....

    Select the initial letter of your crush.

    A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4, E-5, F-6, G-7, H-8, I-9, J-10

    K-1, L-2, M-3, N-4, O-5, P-6, Q-7, R-8, S-9, T-10

    U-1, V-2, W-3, X-4, Y-5, Z-6.

    Select his/her skin color.

    Fair-5, dark-3, medium-2.

    Loves you....

    Too much-5, ok-4, doesn't love u -3, don't know-8

    Gone for a date??

    YES- 3 NO - 5


    Is between 4 to 5 -5

    Is between 5 to 6 -2

    Is between 6 to 7 -8

    Will you go for a date in future??

    YES - 4 NO- 10

    His/her eye color...

    Black-8, brown-4, blue-5

    His/her Favorite color-

    Blue-7, black-6, brown-5, white-3, yellow-4, don't


    Good-7, naughty-5, bad-2, strange-3, don't know-4.


    If your total is-

    30- hates you

    31- Adores you

    32- Will cheat you

    33- Will soon kiss you

    34- Just a good friend

    35- Loves you every moment of life

    36- Will soon propose you

    37- Hates your behavior

    38- Loves you more than anyone else

    39- Stop loving him/her

    40- Has many other affaires

    41- Has started loving you

    42- Hates you because you are moody

    43- Moody in love with you

    44- Say yes if he/she proposes you

    45- Not interested in you

    46- Loves you very much

    47- Will forget you

    48- Loves you but tries to hurt you

    49- Will use you as time pass

    50- Doesn't loves you

    51- You will surely carry on love

    52- Your family won't accept him/her

    53- Takes everything for granted

    54- Your close friend is behind him/her

    55- Your brother/sister

    56- No chance

    57- You have to propose him/her

    58- Life is happy

    59- Waiting to get linked with you

    60- No chance

    61- Will get married to someone else

    62- You will live happy ever after with him/her

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    lina i still have to find...well thanks in advance

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    its work

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    Hello miss lina

    see for my friend the numbers has come 78

    There is no option re.....

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    hey lina.. truly a good one.. but i feel dosent works for me.

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    Hi Lina ,

    That was Awsome....

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    good chemistry....though I ddnt try... but it seems as H2+SO2->H2SO4.....Hi!

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