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Thread: Difference between Potentiality and Reality

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    Difference between Potentiality and Reality

    Difference between Potentiality and Reality

    Youngest Son: "Tell me Daddy, what is the difference between 'Potentially' and 'reality'?"

    Dad: "I will show you"
    Dad turns to his wife and asks her: "Would you sleep with Nicholas Cage for 1 million dollars"?
    Wife: "Yes of course! I would never waste such an opportunity"!

    Then Dad asks his daughter, if she would sleep with Brad Pitt for 1 Million dollars?
    Daughter: "Wow! Yes! He is my fantasy!"

    So Dad turns to his elder son and asks him: "Would you sleep with, Tom Cruise for 1 million dollars"?
    Elder Son: "Yeah! Why not? Imagine what I could do with 1 million Dollars! I would never hesitate!"

    So the father turns back to his younger son saying: You see son, 'Potentially' we are sitting on 3 million dollars, but in 'Reality' we are living with 2 prostitutes and 1 gay.


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    gr8 one

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    Awwwww man that was Hilarious!!!!!!!

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    nice way to convey a message casper...gud one...

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