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Thread: I am a Man but I cry a lot, Do you?

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    A man who cries...

    (for those who think crying is made for girls, not for boys!!)

    A father said to his son
    Who had a tear in his eye
    If you want to be a man
    You absolutely cannot cry

    You won't be a man if do
    And you'll be brought to shame
    You'll be looked down upon
    Some will call you a dame

    The son looked up
    Towards his dad
    With eyes of sorrow
    And his face drooping and sad

    He said, dad I believe
    Crying is from God a gift
    To release what's inside
    And give us a lift

    If we don't cry
    And release our pain
    It will stay inside
    And come back again

    When our pain builds up
    And we can't take it anymore
    Our frustration breaks out
    With destruction galore

    Dad, I believe crying
    Is from God above
    To prevent us from hurting
    The one's we love

    Would it be pleasing to God
    If I were hurting others around
    Or would He rather see me crying
    With my head bowed down?

    A Man Who Cries Is a "WISE MAN"
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