Dear Mr Calculus
I am asking your opinion about the marriage of my sons " Mr Zero" and "Mr Infinity" with your daughters Miss Differentiation and Miss Integration. I have consulted 'Mr Vector' who told me that this Marriage is strictly according to 3rd law of marriage " To every husband, there is equal and opposite wife" He further continued that the two pairs will lead a happy life. I have also come to know that your daughters are in love with my sons.

Of My sons, Zero is very popular among the students and possess a high name and fame. As regard to 2nd son infinity any thing added or subtracted from him he remains unchanged. After consulting the formula and Pundit of Logarithm, you may fix up the date for marriage. I am confident that you will accept the proposal. You can also consult Aunt dynamics, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Statistics. Sigma will accompany us in marriage party. Please convey my best wishes to sister Geometry and her daughter "Co ordinate geometry"

Your sincerely