Here is something I jotted down after watching a press release(July 9th) made by two professors, Seung-Hun Lee and Jae-Jong Suh, as they raised questions regarding to the sinking of the South Korean Warship, the "Cheonan".

After the Cheonan warship sank in March 26th, many countries(including the US, Sweden, and Australia) sent professionals to form a Joint Investigation Group to determine the cause of sinking. The JIG has concluded that North Korea was indeed behind the attack. And for some reason three professors, Seung-Hun Lee, Jae-Jung Suh, and Pan-suck Yang are arguing that the investigation was done sloppy and requested that the South Korean government conduct a new investigation.


(Any average college professor would normally react by submitting a academic rebuttal research paper but these two are playing as if they were celebrities calling on the press on their own. This I found quite amusing. Also, instead of submitting their research to somewhere more official, they posted it on their own private website.)

From what I know, to analyze the substances from the debris of the torpedo, you need substantial knowledge in chemical engineering as well as material engineering. The head of JIG, Professor Dok-Yong Yoon, received his material engineering MA and Ph.D from Harvard. On the other hand, Professor Lee teaches physics, Associate Professor Suh teaches politics and Professor Yang is a manager at a research lab. Not the experts we're looking for in this matter.

Also, logically speaking, saying the results by the JIG as false after conducting experiments in totally different conditions just sounds ridiculous to me. Why do they insist on the JIG's results to be flawed and not consider their own result to flawed? And what is with them using the media and bringing all this attention?

The last time I checked, Professors aren't politicians. I think they are overdoing what they are actually capable of and this is a very disappointing sight.