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    Environment Day



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    Environment Day: A dirty joke

    If evidence is needed that most of our concern for the environment is garbage, then this picture tells it. The residents of this Wellampitiya area have placed a sign board saying no garbage, but who cares and there are heaps of it.

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    Protecting the environment is to protect ones own health

    Protecting the environment is to protect ones own health

    We live not because of the money we have, the educational qualifications we have or because of the powerful connections we have. We live healthily and long because of the clean air that we breathe, the clean water that we drink and the healthy food that we eat. Man cannot live alone and he or she is forever connected to the rest of the environment.

    If we pollute the air, eventually we will breathe the polluted air and our respiratory systems will malfunction. If we pollute water or the soil, we will drink unclean water or eat contaminated food and our digestive systems and the urinary systems will begin to malfunction. Protection of the environment is to protect ones own health.

    Unfortunately man has not understood this simple truth. That is the reason why Man continues to live selfishly with very little respect to ones own surroundings.

    At least once a year it is good for each person to give up their selfish ways and concentrate on protecting the environment. We all know so well that polythene bags are not biodegradable, that means if they fall onto the soil they do not decay naturally but would remain in the soil for over 100 years, leading to the loss of fertility of the ground. Similarly if they are burnt, toxic fumes such as dioxins and furans are released. Similarly if they fall into drains they will lead to blocking of water flow along the drains and will lead to spill-over of water onto the roadsides. Collection of even a tiny bit of water on these bags will become excellent breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

    Considering all above facts, one should be willing to say no to a polythene bag on the World Environmental Day. To be able to say “No” to a polythene bag, take your own bag with you.

    As world environmental day falls today, think and act; out of gratefulness for all that the environment has freely given you.

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