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Thread: Before Buying a digital camera!

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    Before Buying a digital camera!

    Before Buying a digital camera!

    written by Naveed Farooq

    Before Buying a digital camera!
    written by Naveed Farooq

    1) Battery Life
    Its obvious that your camera should have a good battery life. otherwise you will unable to capture more and more images

    2) Optical Zoom
    Optical zoom shows the power of your camera lens. more optical zoom means a more powerful camera lens. An average camera has 3x optical zoom

    3) Mega Pixel
    more mega pixels means more larger pictures. but don't make mega pixels your first priority. because you are not going to print a very very mega large picture. so mega pixels matter , but they are not much important as other features. now a days cameras with 8 to 12 mega pixels are available. even 6 mega pixel camera is acceptable for home use photography and printings.

    4) Price
    obviously price is also a feature of a camera. a best value product contains more features in less price. for a home user , a camera between 100$ to 300$ dollars is acceptable, depending upon the budget you can compromise on features.

    5) Video recording
    as the social media is growing , you need videos to share with friends , good still cameras provide the feature of video recording. see how many frames per second they are providing and what is the video size and format.

    6) Camera Speed
    Cameras has processors inside , which run some automatic functions. 1st thing is its capture speed , how many time it captures a single images , if a camera is slow in capturing images , you can not take the other photo very fast. result? you miss the golden moments which you want to capture. similarly auto focus is an automatic function , as you zoom , the lens changes its position , it adjusts it focus , also it finds the human faces and adjust its lens focus on them. slow auto focus means that you will not get clear pictures.

    so these are the 6 main features, more features includes , shock adjustment , red eye effect removal , camera performance in poor light should also have a look on them before buying a camera.


    7) Nidokidos editor's Recommended Camera
    I personally recommend 2 camera models for you. Because their features are best as compared to cameras in the same price range.
    Both cameras are made by Kodak , which is a new entry in Digital cameras. But the features of cameras must be appreicated.
    1) Kodak Easyshare Z915 - 10x optical Zoom - 10 mega Pixel - Price 110$
    2) Kodak Easyshare Z950 - 10x optical zoom - 12 mega Pixel - Price 160$

    Click here to buy these cameras online.

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    That's some good advise and should be followed when we are out to buy a digital camera for us as this will ensure that we do have the best one that suits our requirements and will also save us a lot of time selecting the camera from the wide range of cameras available. Thanks and keep up the good going.

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    Nice Share.....thank you mate

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