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Thread: Remember When

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    Jasmine Surve

    Remember When

    Remember When
    Remember when we were so in LOVE?
    I do, because you were the one I could trust.

    Remember when you would hold me tight?
    I do, I didn't want you to let go I wanted it to last all night.

    Remember when we use to argue about the stupidest things?
    I do, because when you got mad it was the cutest thing!

    Remember when our love was so strong?
    I do, because i thought nothing could go wrong.

    Remember when you said you loved me?
    I do, I had a great feeling come to me.


    Remember when you said you wouldn't lie?
    I do, because when i found out all i did was cry.

    Remember when you broke my heart?
    I do, because you tore my world apart

    Remember when you said if we break-up we can still be friends?
    I tried but you thought i wanted you back so we had to end.

    I took you for granted, I thought I had you,
    But I didn't instead I ended up loosing you.

    You treated me wrong after we broke-up,
    How could you?, all i ever wanted to do was make up.

    This is the last time you'll hear from me,
    Well, unless you be a man and apologize so we can agree.

    Life's too short we live what we can,
    Just remember call me if you need a hand.


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