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Thread: Friendly Thoughts

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    Jasmine Surve

    Friendly Thoughts

    Friendly Thoughts

    In thoughts--I often visit you
    And we share a laugh--or two
    And talk of things we both hold dear
    Like memories--both old and new.

    We share our heartaches, and our joys,
    Cause that's what friends are for.
    Knowing we can be "ourselves"
    To hearts with an "open door".

    Advice is free, and its meant to be
    A caring gesture of love.
    With never a judgment for our mistakes,
    But a haven from life's push and shove.

    Though time and miles stretch between us.
    With contentment, I've found what I sought.
    As I smile---and sigh in remembering.
    My visits to you----in a thought.


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    wow,...its simply nice.

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    Jasmine Surve
    Hey Casper,
    Thanx for ur reply.


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