The latest incident regarding to the torpedo attack against the South Korean warship from North Korea is something we really ought to be absolutely sure. This will have an effect on the peace not only to the adjacent nations near the Korean Peninsula, but perhaps the entire world.

For the past month, the South Korea government recruited military experts from over 50 nations(excluding North Korea and China) such as the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, the EU, several nations in South America to help solve the cause of the sinking and finally announce that it was a "torpedo attack" from a North Korean submarine.

The South had sent a final report to the UN Security Council, stating that the attack was indeed made by the North, to formulate extra sanctions against the North. However, in response, the North denied all accusations; The North started a massive military protest as well as reaching out to China for their support and used the internet and media to publicly slamming the South for presenting false accusations and claiming that the Cheonan warship sinking was actually a conspiracy created by the South and the US.

Many nations around the globe are in agreement that such acts were made by the North and preparations of creating new sanctions are in process. However China, which is one of the members of the UN Security Council, is against the proposition of creating new sanctions. It's about time that the Chinese rethink their position about their ally country, North Korea, which is threatening world peace? It would be very non-Chinese to be supporting North Korea and their irrational attacks don't you think? Plus it would be hard to prove that the North didn't commit these actions when it was scientifically proven and announced all around the world?

Keeping in mind that the North has committed a global threat against world peace, I hope that the UN makes a wise decision.