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    Chrysanth Email Notifier

    You've got mail (or spam)!

    Looking for an incoming email notifier? Look no further, as you've just found it! What's more is that you get more than what you are about to pay for (which is totally FREE)!

    Chrysanth Email Notifier is perfectly suitable to be run in the background with a tray icon being shown and quietly scans your email accounts for new incoming email messages, at the same time separating the good emails from the junk emails/ spam automatically.

    Upon detection of new friendly emails, a "You've got mail" sound will be played together with a little green email icon being displayed in the tray:

    You've got mail!

    Meanwhile, whenever potential spams are detected, an alerting sound will notify you about this together with a little red email icons in the tray:

    You've got spam!

    Other uses for this award-winning email notifier?

    * A safe internal viewer lets you read an email without downloading it to your regular email client
    * support for portable devices such as USB thumb drive or flash drive
    * support for multiple email accounts
    * support for SSL connection
    * support for Hashcash Stamp
    * support for "whitelists", "blacklists" and custom filters. The filters are very easy-to-use and can be defined by you very quickly.

    Intuitive, highly customizable, Chrysanth Email Notifier is as easy to use as it is powerful. Within 5 minutes of installing it you'll be up and running.

    Minimum System Requirements

    CPU: Intel Pentium II or above

    Operating Systems (OS): Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP

    Physical RAM: 64 MB

    Free Hard Disk Space: 20 MB

    Click here to download

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    nice software........

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