North Korean Military officially announced that they did not own a Ghadir class submarine.
Can we actually believe their statement?
Than what is this picture all about? Take a look.

This is a picture taken in Sept. 19th 2006.
It was taken from a North Korean Naval base located in the Yellow Sea. Clearly you can see. Six of them.
According to this picture(thanks to Google Earth) we can say that the North Korean military has given a false statement.
What even more ridiculous to see is that the North thought they could get away with this. What are they thinking..

Let's just say, for North's sake, that they were telling the truth. That means not only South Korea but the US and including many other nations and google earth was also lying about this matter.

If the Cheonan incident was in fact not the act from the North, then they had no reason to lie in the first place right? But in this case, their lies only further strengthened our suspicions.