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Thread: Things you dont kno about man ( survey)

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    Things you dont kno about man ( survey)

    This survey is about AMERICAN men

    60 percent of American* men... that they'd be willing to take a male birth control pill, if it was available. Yes!

    Only 5 percent of men...
    ...get freaked out by dating women with higher incomes than them. The other 95 percent? They're the ones who turn us on.

    50 percent of men...
    ...have read their girlfriends' e-mail or other electronic messages. Twenty-five percent of those guys did it without the girlfriend knowing!

    48 percent of men...
    ...said they'd dump their girlfriend if she got fat. Ouch!

    82 percent of men...
    ...don't care about celebrity gossip. So save your fun Ashton Twitter topics for your girlfriends.

    Only 4 percent of men...
    ...disagree with the statement "Real men cry." Guys, we're here if you need a shoulder to cry on.

    53 percent of men...
    ...think women put too much value on a man's worth...but that "men put a lot of value on women's looks, so it balances out." Well, at least the honesty is refreshing.

    Speaking of looks, 33 percent of men...
    ...say a beautiful wife or girlfriend is the ultimate status symbol. Thankfully, 54 percent of guys say a beautiful house instead.



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    hmmm... so thats how it works....

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    yup, these are based on american dudes hehehe..

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    Wow that is soo interesting, I am surprised looking at this survey.

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    u kno my fav one is that only 4 percent agreed that real man dont cry.. isnt that sweet.

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