1. BLUE SAPPHIRE: Sri lanka's Gem supreme, of corn flower blue, is the favorite of fashionable women the world over.

2. CAT'S EYE: The honey yellow and apple green Cat's Eye of lustrous smoothness is extolled for the protection she yields to the wearer.

3. ALEXANDRITE: If you are a connoisseur of the rarest yields from the mysterious depths of earth you will need to possess an Alexandrite.

4. STAR RUBY: The scarlet perfection and it's scintillating beauty adopt to the dream come true in gems.

5. YELLOW SAPPHIRE: Pollen of flowers is her lyrical name is Sinhala. Her delicate yellow makes this description apt.

6. STAR SAPPHIRE: With her azure heart a-gleam with radiant snowy streaks, the star sapphires sparkle brings her owner good luck.

7. AMETHYST: Burnished by nature into a high purplish polish, the Amethyst is a beauty among gems.

8. GARNET: All the world's Garnet's(pyrope) are ordinary after Sri Lanka's Elahera Garnet made it's radiant bow.