Despite the ash of Iceland, the Cannes Festival is here at last.
With Venice and Berlin, Cannes is the one of the 3 major international movie festival.
Celebrity stars were out ther on the red carpet with their magnificent outfits.
In this year's competition area, 18 movies from 15 nations are competing for the golden award. Among the 18, 6 are asian movies.
Japanese movie Outrate, Iranese movie Oopie Conforme, Chinese movie Chongqing Blues, Thai movie Loong Boonmee Raleuk Chaat and Korean Movie Poet are competing. The maid, another Korean movie, is also competing. The winner of leading actress 2007 Jeon Do yun is also the star in this movie.
It would be impossible to watch all the 18 movies. I don't have enough time. The winners will be announced on May 23th. Let's see which movie and actresses will win this year's Cannes awards.