The most relaxing video and music ever!

Imagine sitting underneath a tree on a slightly breezy day, imagine a metal box with a heavy lid just a few steps away from you. walk over to the metal box, open the lid and think of something that is troubling you, then put it in the box, thing of another and another, as many as you have, one by one, place them all in the box, look down into the box and see them all there, then close the heavy lid, fasten the unbreakable lock on its catch then walk back to the tree and sit down with your back to the tree, now, all your worries have been placed into the metal box, it is locked and the lock cannot be broken. Put your attention onto your breathing and count to 4 on the inbreath, count to 8 on the outbreath, continue doing this and close your eyes. This is your time, there is nowhere else you have to be, and nothing else you have to do, I hope you enjoy So Beautiful.